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Institutional Information: Devlet Konservatuvarı, Müzik, Türk Halk Müziği
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Education, Education in Art, Education in Music, Art, Music, Music Sciences, Folklore and Musicology

Names in Publications: imik ünal







Born in Malatya, Ünal İMİK finished his elementary and guidance school there. Later in 1993, he succeeded to get a place in the Department of Music Education at the Faculty of Education in Inönü University. He graduated in 1997 and in the same year he was accepted as the music teacher at Malatya Konak High school. During these years, he also taught at Malatya Fine Arts High School.  In the year 2005, he got a place in Master’s Program in Musicology at the Institute of Social Sciences, Erciyes University. During his Master’s studies, he received lessons from various professors  vand carried out his Master’s thesis with the title of “THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL STATUS ON MUSICAL PREFERENCE” at the Institute of Social Sciences, Erciyes University. In 2007, he successfully passed the exam for the PhD program in Musicology launched by the Institute of Social Sciences in Inönü University.  He finished his PhD dissertation with the title of “THE STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF THE CARTOON SOUNDTRACKS” in 2011.  His academic experience started with his appointment by the Ministry of National Education to the Faculty of Fine Arts at Inönü University, and continued at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Inönü University as the faculty member in 2009 and later in 2011, with his assignment as the faculty member at the Music Department of the State Conservatory of Inönü University. He fulfilled educational and administrative duties in the aforementioned places. He was the project coordinator of the album “Malatya Ballads”, which was supported by Inönü University with the purpose of transferring the ethnic heritage of Malatya to the next generations; moreover he was assigned to the duty of organizing the “Turkish Folk Music Compilation Works and Concerts”, which were carried out by the State Conservatory of Inönü University. Having fulfilled many duties in both national and international events as researcher, coordinator and manager, he continues his career as Vice Principal in the State Conservatory of Inönü University.


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