High-Accuracy Serial Pattern Detection System

Zongur A., Talu F.

2017 International Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing Symposium (IDAP), Malatya, Türkiye, 16 - 17 Eylül 2017 identifier identifier


The main objective of this working is to bring a novel resolution for the quadrilateral pattern fixing problem providing endless advantages to that including the capture of the strings on license areas at the all sorts of time zones in the all assorted states of ambience conditions involving foggy, snowy and darkness forms. Blender system of our technics applied a well-recognizing differentiation of the numbers and the letters; thereof such like "Figures" are not intermingled with "Characters". This is a great advantage particularly in the check-in/out-systems where there is only a petty error-tolerance as the scenery pass once in a snapshot time though. Auto-detection system can be installed/deployed to mission-critical-places in the each and every highway by uplinking to an in/external-database file also. The system became effective towards licence-registration, in traffic control-points either in protecting the paints at the checkpoints as the fine-cutter or as an all round recognizer for fully-automated check-outs.