Examination of the effect of the basic parameters of the auto-encoder on coding performance

Calisan M., TALU M. F.

2017 International Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing Symposium (IDAP), Malatya, Türkiye, 16 - 17 Eylül 2017 identifier identifier


In this study, artificial learning approach which can express high dimensional data in a lower space (autocoding) and known as "autoencoder" in the literature has been investigated in detail without using a predefined ready mathematical model. The most important feature of this method, which can be used in place of traditional feature extraction methods (HOG, SHIFT, SURF, Wavelet, etc.), is the ability to extract data-specific features. By applying the real (MNIST) and synthetic data, the effects on the success of the parameters of the method are measured and the results are presented in a tabular form.