The Relation to Prophethood and Medicine and the Problem the Source of Medicine


BEYTULHIKME-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY, vol.10, no.2, pp.747-770, 2020 (ESCI) identifier


It was tried to explain and analyze the opinions of scholars and thinkers who advocate that the source of medicine is based on reason and revelation in this article. Here, it is mainly focused on how and why Prophecy and medical science were correlated, what the main source of medicine and its problem is. In this study, the main problems brought about by this subject, which is in close relationship with each other, are underlined; the subject was dealt with, analyzed and discussed in a dialogical way as much as possible, the weaknesses and strengths of basic thoughts that were defended as divine and humane were revealed. The main issue here is that, rather than the divine origin of medicine, the problems that arise at this point are intensive and insoluble as long as they remain in themselves. In short, the subject is tried to be resolved, discussed, and answered with the question of whether the origin of medicine is divine or human. However, since especially the first dimension is more problematic and more speculative, the analysis and criticism have intensified at this point. In this context, in medieval Islamic thought all sciences and arts, chiefly medicine have been attributed holiness by being associated with revelation in one way or the other.